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Our History

We explore our journey and strategies so far


18th August 2018

Easyweb Integrative System Founded.

Easyweb Integrative System started its journey in 2018 with an ambition to build a web engineers and software team which will provide software services using cutting edge technologies ensuring quality and reliability.

Easyweb started with two projects in hand. The both project Initiated from repeat customers Who previously worked with us in projects imitated from freelancer sites.

1st December 2018

Easyweb Scaling up With New Services

We were already working to define our standards and be proficient in the industry best practices. The plan was to do something so that we can overcome the challenges we experienced in the previous companies we served.

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6th March 2019

Tools and solutions Added

Easyweb formed a new team of web engineering expert.
we  also started IT training wing with an objective to train in a way which will make the participants versed and capable to develop software in commercial environment, rather making just a coder. We also found a knowledge gap in the freshers joining industries from the recruitment experience of a decade. We decided to develop an industry readiness program to train various industries aspects, standards, design patterns, processes etc. We are jointly working with the Universities to start seminars on Industry Readiness Program.

9th September 2019

Ewishosting.ng Founded

Easyweb started providing web hosting solutions to Enable us fight back cyber-crime in our society today were cyber expert instead of utilizing their professionalism for the betterment of the web users, and as well contributing to the growth and development of our societies, decided to engaged in act that is defacing our world wide web today, we’ve come to a conclusions and the agreed on strategic means of achieving these objective by partnering with world largest cyber securities professionals round the globe. and give birth to Ewishosting.ng

18th December 2019

Improving Business Planning

We later review our business planning and improve on the industry best pratice, we worked on more projects for other customers as well as for the two from very beginning. We did not look for new projects in the freelancer sites as we already had enough work to do. We also started our own proprietary ERP, HR and CRM software branded as EasyERP.

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9th January 2020

Easyweb Officially Registered With CAC

Easyweb Integrative System gained a global recognition and was officially registered with Nigeria corporate affairs commission as an IT consulting and web solutions organisation with registration number. RC:3046024.

9th August 2020

Easyweb Was Certified by Microsoft As Azure Cloud Provider

Easyweb started providing cloud solution services to clients around the globe with Microsoft azure cloud platform. And was letter recognized and certified as a As a Microsoft Cloud Consultant.

08th December 2020

Easyweb Become An Amazon and Google Certified Cloud Pratictioner

Easyweb quest for excellency serve as the driving force that keep pushing us beyond boundary. Our vision is to completely understand and arrive strategies that can empower our clients to get an edge over their competitors on the online platform.

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22nd March 2021

Ewishosting Was Officially Registered as a Company.

Ewishosting Services which started as a reseller, over the years acquired own technology infrastructure  in five (5) data centers for global web hosting solutions services. And was fully registered as web hosting services company in Nigeria with registration number. RC3333499.

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STRATEGIESDoes Your IT Seem to Bring Less Value Than Expected?

We make IT promote your business and revenue growth and help further support the growth with a reliable and cost-effective IT service delivery process.

Easyweb has a lot of potential to reach great heights. There are a lot of I.T brands and solutions provider out in the market, and we do work in partnership alongside most of them to ensure our services delivery are current and purposeful.
What gives us an advantage is our team and our prime technical competence and experience that determines our course through the years.

FAQ About Our Managed IT

What are managed services in IT?

Managed services in IT, provided by a “Managed Services Provider” (MSP), are one of the leading ways modern businesses keep their IT systems secure from cyberthreats. Typically, managed services in IT include around-the-clock cyberthreat monitoring and prevention, after-hours security patching and updates, and detailed reporting on IT security over a specified timeframe (like a month). Beyond that, most MSPs provide additional services, such as on-site support, business continuity, or software licensing management, but all MSPs are different. It’s best to ask every MSP what they offer.

How much do managed IT services cost?

There’s no such thing as “standardized pricing” for managed IT services because many MSPs intentionally make it hard to understand what they offer. In many cases, comparing MSPs in terms of price can feel like comparing apples and… orangutans. To find the right MSP at the right price for your needs, your best bet is to find the rare MSP that offers all-in, fixed-fee pricing with no hidden costs. When you find that combo, give yourself a high five for your awesome research skills.

…By the way, Easyweb happens to offer exactly that combo (plus endless free high fives), so you know where to start looking.

What are the benefits of managed IT services?

The main benefits of managed IT services are peace of mind and lower overall technology costs. Peace of mind because you know that your data is secure from ~99% of cyberattacks (there’s no such thing as 100% security) and because you can call for IT support any time you need it. The lower overall costs often surprise business leaders who don’t realize that data breaches, non-compliance, and business downtime are costly. When it comes to managed IT services, an ounce of prevention is more cost-effective than a pound of cure.

Why use managed IT services?

Simply put: most organizations use managed IT services because modern cybersecurity is a pain in the neck. Securing your networks and devices takes constant attention to the most minuscule details on a daily basis. Cybersecurity has high stakes too: even one single missed detail has the potential to let malicious hackers into your systems. Even if you have an in-house IT team to handle your business technology, they might not have the time to painstakingly focus on security day in and day out. Most in-house teams are too busy putting out fires to keep up with comprehensive cybersecurity.

How to choose a managed IT provider?

We’re not gonna lie: it takes time and hard work to choose a managed IT services provider – but there are ways you can speed up the process. Start by identifying which IT services you need (such as business continuity, software licensing, or mobile device management), compile a short list of MSPs that provide those services, and then start making calls and taking notes. Handy tips: (1) Call the MSPs that other business leaders recommend, (2) Don’t call the MSPs that other business leaders hate, and (3) start here.

Are there IT companies near me?

Managed IT services are so important in the fight against cybercrime that, even though we don’t know where your business is, we can assure you that there is indeed an IT company near you. Here in Seattle, where we’re located, there are hundreds of IT companies. As you can guess, this makes it hard to choose the right IT company or managed IT services provider near you – but going local is a smart choice! Local MSPs are often easier to work with than the nationwide providers, so check to see where a managed IT services provider is located before you add them to your list.

How are IT managed services vs staff augmentation different?

When considering IT managed services vs. staff augmentation, keep in mind that managed IT services provide comprehensive support for all your technology, without you having to lift a finger. Staff augmentation provides an outsourced IT team that your in-house IT team can call in when they need additional help. Staff augmentation is handy when undertaking large, multifaceted IT projects, such as moving to Office 365 or installing a new VoIP (internet phone) system. IT managed services are best for business leaders who don’t have the resources to hire a full-time, 24/7, in-house staff plus additional contractors.

What are managed IT infrastructure services?

Managed IT infrastructure services provide managed IT services across an entire enterprise infrastructure, including management of communication systems, website management, databases, packed data centers, and usually cloud storage and cloud infrastructure (IaaS) as well. Managed IT infrastructure services providers often employ programmers, enterprise architects, and other extremely specialized IT professionals.